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Dead Island Riptide

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"When there's no more room in hell, then the dead will walk walk the earth".  The first time I saw this on the cover art of the original Dawn of the Dead, I was hooked on zombies.  Ever since then, I have had a facination with the mythology of popular zombie culture, whether the source was gritty or just plain bad.  If that's how you feel about zombies, then I present: Dead Island Riptide, the sequel to Dead Island.


DIR2.JPGSo, here's the scoop:  Hunkered aboard a sturdy military ship and triumphantly homeward bound, Xian Mei, Sam B and the rest of their battle-weary crew are able, at long last, to breathe a sigh of relief — or so they thought. Sure, they may have quelled the wave of zombies that attacked Banoi in Dead Island, but they forgot one rule that governs the sea — beware the Riptide. Just as their rescue helicopter touches down to safety on the ship deck, a furious monsoon ravages the hopes of our unfortunate protagonists and steers them on a direct course toward imminent doom — in yet another zombie-ridden town. An undead uproar is on the horizon once more — and this time, the carnage and chaos promise to be more rampant than ever. Pack your suitcase and load your weapons for another vacation on Dead Island

Rife with all of the mutant-zombie mayhem of the original, plus unforeseen new plot twists, challenges and features, Dead Island Riptide drags you to an all-new danger zone in the town of Henderson. Once a luxurious watering hole for the yacht-collecting upper class and tree-hugging eco-tourists, Henderson is now a storm-soaked ghost town, where only wreckage and occasional boats remain. But this port locale on the island of Palanai is also your one last hope for survival. Rally together with the surviving members of the team, and orchestrate an elaborate defense using traps, fences and turrets to keep your brain-eating foes at bay. This time, the battle gets up-close and personal as a master of hand-to-hand combat joins the team as a fifth playable character. Take control of John Morgan's powerful fists and brawl against zombies like never before. Plus, collaborate more wisely with allies using new and enhanced features in co-op mode.


Enhance your Dead Island experience with this Special Edition that comes with an extra character skin, a pack of weapon mods and a digital strategy map. If you can handle the Riptide, you can handle anything — presuming, of course, that you make it out alive.

Fight for your life on April 23rd!


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Store Dead Island: Riptide in the collectible metal case you'll receive when you pre-order the game for Xbox 360 or PS3.

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DIR4.JPGRigor Mortis Edition


This Rigor Mortis Edition stocks you up with a hefty tourist's supply of souvenirs commemorating your journey. Dig through the travel suitcase packaging, and find the Dead Island Riptide: Special Edition game buried amidst a heap of extra goodies, including a Zombie Hula Girl bobblehead, Severed Hand bottle opener/magnet and Bungalow Key with a wooden tag.





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Gamer’s Club Unlocked members: Reserve your copy of Dead Island Riptide today to be eligible for a $20 Reward Zone certificate after you pick it up within 7 days of its release!



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