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Days Gone - You Might Just "Freak" Over This Game!

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist ‎04-25-2019 10:17 AM - edited ‎10-13-2019 03:07 PM (15,040 Views)

Freaker!In a time when you can’t shake a stick without hitting a post-apocalyptic/zombie outbreak movie or TV show, it’s actually pretty rare to find games with this theme that offer true free-form gameplay.  Sure, there are plenty of post-apocalyptic shooters out there, but most are very linear and story takes a backseat to having the coolest new gun.


Enter Days Gone, a post-pandemic action game, where you play Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter trying to survive and find a reason to live in a world of human marauders, wild animals and worst of all: Freakers


Freakers are mindless, feral creatures, not a zombie, but an actual living opponent that evolves along the way.  From the video clips I’ve seen of the game, the game achieves a bleakness that can truly be felt when faced with a horde of Freakers.


DaysGoneSet in the Pacific Northwest, the environments you can encounter are as varied as they are beautifully rendered.  Pristine forests, fields of snow, lava flows, cliffs and caves are 4K TV enhanced for those who play the game on the PS4 Pro.  The game is also HDR compatible, so you can experience the game with HDR lighting and wider colors. 


With the free-form gameplay, you have the freedom to explore and strategize to meet each challenge and find multiple ways to complete them.  But pre-order Days Gone and you will also receive the Days Gone pre-order bonus: the Drifter crossbow early unlock, the nitrous upgrade #1, the gas tank upgrade #1 and the shroud upgrade #1.  That should help you get a leg up on those nasty Freakers.


Feel free once the game is out to come back and let us know how you’ve dealt with the challenges in the game and give us your first impressions!



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