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Best Buy Life: The Gaming Parent

by on ‎03-16-2016 10:03 AM (10,919 Views)

I’m traversing this new and undiscovered area of my life….PARENTHOOD!  My wife and I are expecting our first child this summer.  We can’t wait!  Coming from a large family, I’ve always wanted to be called, “Dad”.


The real conundrum is “How do I continue to be an avid Gamer while being a responsible parent?” 


Everyone that I've spoken to has told me to prioritize things like I would a job or hobby.  If you have the pleasure of knowing a Gamer or currently are one, then you know that sometimes one hour turns into seven or eight very quickly.  Motorola Wireless Baby Monitor



Growing up I felt like my parents always had an eye on me.  How do I replicate this same feeling, while focusing my attention on the newest game? Baby Monitors and Smart Tracker Tags will be crucial to my success!  I'll be following my kid like Blinky chasing Pac-Man.  



 Nintendo eShop

I’ve been researching games that I could either play in short stints or games that I could eventually share with my son or daughter.  I’d love my own nostalgia to be passed to my child and I love my Nintendo 3DS XL for this.  I’ve recently been able to relive the Original Mario, Mario 3 (NES) and Mario World (Super Nintendo) through the Virtual Console on the Nintendo eShop.  Also, they offer great classics like “Punch Out”, “Tecmo Bowl”, and “Super C”.  These are a few of the games that influenced me and built the foundation for my gaming lifestyle. 




There are several new franchises that really intrigue me such as Skylanders, Disney Infinity, amiibo and LEGO Dimensions.  I haven’t experienced these “Toys to Life” first-hand, but everything about them is intriguing. 


Wait, a game that Mom/Dad would enjoy playing and a toy that a child would grow up with? That sounds too good to be true!



Toys to Life



I’d love some input from the Best Buy Forums community.  If you’re a parent or not, what games bring back the warm fuzzies from your own childhood and what games have you played that you’d recommend for an expecting parent?  

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