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Best Buy Game Trade-in App

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist on ‎02-27-2012 04:59 PM (4,576 Views)

Best Buy Gaming


In case you haven't heard, Best Buy's Game Trade-in app is pretty slick.  If you...


  • are a gamer
  • trade-in games and/or
  • have a smart phone

... you should get it.  Even if none of those apply to you, you should still check it out.


Not only does it give you estimates on Best Buy game trade-in values, it allows you to store those games in your Library and track your overall library value, which is a great thing to know when you're trying to keep up with the newest releases and don't want to pay for them all out of pocket.


In terms of convenience and ease of use, it's as simple as it gets.  


  1. Grab your game
  2. Scan the barcode with your phone's camera
  3. Done

You can also use the app to check on current trade-in promotions such as bonus %s on your trade-in value, bonuses you can get for pre-ordering at the same time, etc so you can watch for the best time bring your games in.


Remember Gamers Club Unlocked members get 10% bonus credit on trade-ins so of course we have Reward Zone functionality included.  You can link your Reward Zone account in the app and keep track of your points and certificates.


Lastly, kind of a staple for any brick & mortar retailer, the app allows you to easily find stores in your immediate vicinity so you can always know where to go to satisfy your video game cravings.


The app is currently available on...


iPhone® / iPod Touch®


Android™ devices - Compatible with OS 1.6+


Blackberry® - (not compatible with Storm)

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