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$99 Xbox 360 Offer. It's Back!

by ‎11-13-2012 11:08 AM - edited ‎11-13-2012 11:11 AM (7,861 Views)


HeaderYeah, I said it. Think I’m joking? I’m not. You know that saying “One good thing deserves another?” We do.


Back by popular demand (and rioting) we’re bringing back the $99 Xbox 360 with 2 year subscription to Xbox Live (XBL). Let’s face it. You’re going to need XBL Gold in order to play online, watch movies, listen to Xbox Music, and take over the world. You’re going to pay for it anyways, so why not get these Xbox’s for cheaper than some video games.


I know what you’re thinking. “But Kevin. I already have an Xbox Live subscription!” Of course you do. But guess what? As long as you’re not on a family account, you can still take us up on our offer. So there.


“I’m not cool enough”. I’ve heard that before. If your over 18, have a valid credit card (and you’re not broke), and agree to 2 years of awesomeness in a box, you can be.


Think you have what it takes? Talk to a gaming associate in any Best Buy store to join the club.



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Awesome Price $99 $99 $99 $99 $149 $149
Sku 6815742 6693058 1162439 1069212 6815733 121968





Let's Review


- $99 or $149 Xbox 360 with 2-Year Xbox Live Gold Agreement

- Xbox Live Gold is needed to play online, watch Netflix, listen to Xbox Music, and World Domination.

Offer apply's to new or existing non-family accounts. 

- Major credit card required

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