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which washer is a better choice a top loader or a front loader?

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Re: washers

I've always heard front loaders are the best for some reason.  However, I've still only owned top loaders so I guess my opinion may not really help!  LOL  I think the front loaders are more energy efficient.  At least to me, more of them to be Energy Star qualified or whatever that's called.  LOL

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Re: washers

It's going to be a personal question.  In my opinion the cleaning quality is about the same so no real difference there.   The size of the load is higher in the majority of front loaders except for some of those high efficiency top loads that seem to have a higher issuance of breakage.  The energy and water saving that you get from a front load is much much greater so I would therefore chose a front loader for most people.  The only problems with the front loader is the monthly maintenance and the time it takes to do a load.  If you are looking for something quick and easy, top load is still the better choice.  IMHO.

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