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What Home Tech Solutions are Your Guilty Pleasures?

There's a lot of tech out there to help us meet our basic daily needs, such as refrigerators and washing machines. This thread is not about those types of items. Tell me about the luxury stuff you have in your homes that other people may not understand or know about. Tell me about the item you purchased that became a total life hack. Tell me about your guilty pleasure home tech.


To get the conversation started, here's a few of my home tech guilty pleasures:

LG Styler




I own an iron from the 1960s. It's a great iron, but I would rather spend my time planning my next hiking adventure or game campaign. Enter the LG Styler. It's like a steam locker for your clothes, without the worry of accidentally converting a part of your home into a sauna. It does not require access to a water line, which means you can keep it in your bedroom. It also helps me keep my week organized an my mornings running smoothly. I have my outfits put together and ready to go, and they are clean and wrinkle-free. I love to run mine while I'm in the shower so that I have warm clothes to slip into, especially during the cold winter months.



Ring Doorbell



If the reviews are any indication, it seems like people love Ring because they use it for home security. While that is certainly one aspect of Ring, I like to use it as an intercom. Spouse leaving for the day, but you can see that they forgot their lunch? Remind them in the moment as they are leaving, and also take a few extra seconds to connect. Having an off day and not feeling like dealing with people? Tell the delivery man to leave your packages at the door.



Nostalgia - Retro Series 4-Slot Hot Dog Toaster




Yes, really. Why? Because sometimes I have to work late, and I'm not motivated enough to cook a meal just for myself. It's easy to use, and it heats everything through perfectly, every time. If you like to load up on the toppings, toasting your buns can help keep them from getting too soggy.



Go ahead and add a reply! I look forward to hearing about your guilty pleasure home solutions!

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