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Top Loading Washing Machines

My laundry area is in the basemen.  The drain is above.  What is the best washing machine for that system.  I bought a Maytag MTW5630TQ but on any cycle but Normal the water doesn't drain.



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Re: Top Loading Washing Machines

maybe one suggestion could be the LG  WM2016CW its on sale right now for $674.99 which is a little more then you might have paid for the Maytag, but it is energy star effiecient so you can get a $75 mail in rebate that would defer the cost a little bit. also , your top loader will use  a lot more water so it maybe is having a harder time draining, a front loader will use only about 19 gallons compared to 40ish that many front loaders use. its nice too because the LG puts a draining hose on the front thats easier to access.


that would be my suggestion