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Surviving Minnesota - and Other Cold Places

Realistically, I know there are colder places in the world than Minnesota. When (notice I say “when” and not “if”… brrr) the temperature drops to a teeth chattering -15 degrees with a -30 degree wind chill though, chances are I’m going to absolutely dread having to leave my nice cozy, warm bed. If you are anything like me, here are some ways to beat the cold weather this winter.


Hot Chocolate (or Coffee) is your friend – My Keurig is my favorite kitchen appliance on those frigid mornings, but really, any brewing system will do. Drinking warm liquids are a great way to keep toasty, and it serves a dual purpose in that it helps soothe your sore throat from the cold that’s going around the office.


Check your dryer’s settings – Kids have it rough on those chilly mornings. Make it a bit easier for them by seeing if your dryer has a 15-minute timer or touch-up option. If so, throw your kids’ clothes and winter gear in for a quick cycle (check the tags to ensure you’re following all instructions for specific fabrics) so they are nice and snug when having to go out in the frozen tundra to wait at the bus stop.


Portable heat – It probably doesn’t help that I live on the ground floor of my apartment building and the bathroom and kitchen flooring is cold, hard tile. If it weren’t for my portable heater I have sitting in my hallway, I’d say it’s perfectly reasonable to conclude I’d be a human popsicle. If you want something a bit more permanent though, I’d suggest getting your hands on a fireplace. There are some pretty fancy ones out there, and some even double as an entertainment center.


Food ­– I realize this one seems a bit odd since you always have to eat no matter the weather, but why not make a delicious soup to warm up.  I’m not much of a cook myself, but my winter favorite is The Food Network’s Fully Loaded Baked Potato Soup recipe.  It’s super easy to make, and it’s amazingly delicious.


How do you stay warm when it feels like Antarctica?

Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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