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Samsung Icemaker in French Door Refrigerator

If there was an option for negative 5 stars that is where I would rate Samsung's product support. Over the last two months I have had a surreal experience trying to get the ice maker in my french door refrigerator repaired.
I have received 6 "ticket numbers" from 6 different service agents with the promise to be called by someone else to set up the actual service call. Each time, no one has called back.
Upon follow up I am told the ticket was cancelled either because they claimed to have called and no answer, because I did not provide the correct information (I can only provide what was asked), because I sent the information in the incorrect format (need pdf, can't accept a forwarded dealer receipt), because the refrigerator is out of warranty (didn't see date on receipt), or because it was a floor model. Huh?

So the last contact I had with Samsung was with a person apparently in charge of approving/disapproving service. This guy gave me his name, heard me out then told me he would discuss the situation with his people (can't remember the term he used) and would call me within a half hour. After an hour I called the number that he called from and asked for him. The agent that answered told me the other guy was still working on my case and would call me when he was done. Of course this never happened. I called the next day and this agent wouldn't connect me with him instead made me go through the whole story again and after 30 minutes of back and forth gave me another number to call and ask for the "Executive Customer Relations" dept. Well, this was like trying to get through to the Pope. I had to go through the entire situation again, and again, and again and finally after several "can I put you on hold for a minute" he tranferred me to this dept. Of course all the lines were currently busy and I could either wait or I could hang up and be called back when I came up in cue, promise! Well I decided to hang up and wait for the call. BIG MISTAKE. Never received the call back. Surprised? Not at all!

DO NOT PURCHASE A SAMSUNG PRODUCT unless you buy the protection plan for as long as it is offered! 

Even the Geek Squad will not fix Samsung Products that are still in warranty! The reason why is because Samsung is not paying their service vendors! I was told this by a Geek Squad service man that recently repaired a different item in my home. When he said this it suddenly made sense that the guy that fixed my Samsung Oven that took a crap after two months, came all the way from Hastings to my home in the south metro!

Apparently, there are too many appliance service businesses that are not getting paid for repairing Samsung products that are still under warranty! Samsung disputes the claim saying they didn't think the correct part was replaced or claiming the correct process wasn't used, or the serial number doesn't match, etc., etc.
The refrigerator I currently have still had 1-1/2 months left of the one year warranty when my first contact was made with Samsung. It is now 5 days beyond.
The current refrigerator replaced the first one which was less than a year old. Samsung replaced it due to not being able to fix the very same issues that I am experiencing with the new one. If they replaced it with a floor model, it was unbeknown to me, it was in a box when delivered.
All one has to do is visit one of these sights to find out that this is a major complaint and that Samsung does not have a permanent fix. I really wish Samsung would simply tell their agents to pass that information along and that they would contact their customers when it was figured out.
Taking into account all the time and frustration in dealing with Samsung I would have been way better off just calling a repair service and paying for it myself. The problem of course is that one, a manufacturer should stand behind their products and two, that if there IS no permanent fix, that is just throwing more money and time out the window!
I am hoping that by taking the time to explain what has happened in my case it can save others from suffering the same. I feel that my hands are tied and there is nothing left to do than vent on a public forum.

Thank you for reading.

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Re: Samsung Icemaker in French Door Refrigerator

I agree - DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG appliances. the icemaker in our unit neds to be defrosted with a hot air blower avery 2-4 weeks. microwave needed reapir within 1 year, range doesn't heat right and swirches don't register. Samsung repairman said thats the way they are.