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Saga of Samsung fridge RB1955VQ with bottom freezer

My saga with the Samsung fridge had a happy ending!
Would You believe it? I wouldn't!
Upon the seventh (yep: 7 th!) visit, Best Buy finally managed to fix the problem!

Here is what happened:
On the sunday after Thanksgiving, my Samsung fridge RB1955VQ broke down (bought in 2004).
The bottom freezer was working OK, but the upper fridge was not and the display showed 4-61 (instead of 4-38) and sometimes even 4-71.
The Best Buy Geek squad came into action:
- visit # 1: service technician looked at what is wrong - Display = 4-61. Spare parts were ordered.
- visit # 2: tech replaced the temperature sensor + fan motor - still not working, display= 4-61
- visit # 3: tech rechecked wiring of the replaced parts
- visit # 4: two tech came (one with more experience) to take a look
- visit # 5: new mother board was installed - fridge would work only for 2-3 minutes and then turns off.
             Display still showed  4-61!
- visit # 6: tech came again - to check wiring and connections. More spare parts were ordered.           
- visit # 7: tech replaced the switch + display board. Display= 4-41 at first, and after running one
             hour later, 4-38 showed up! Magic! The fridge now works again correctly (as of Feb-20)

The parts that were finally replaced were: 1) the door switch (that controls the light when the door is opened or closed),and 2) the small display board ( temperature display for the upper and lower fridge). (This board was buit inside the front door).

Thank You to Best Buy and in particular its Geek Squad members from the Baltimore, MD area.
The spare parts were replaced free or charge, by the way. I was issued a refund fro the parts.

So, would I buy again from Best Buy?
Definitely YES, their support was friendly, persistent and in the end successful (but I sure wish their service people would be better trained).

Would I buy another Samsung fridge? This is a different matter. I would research the Internet and user opinions first, and also compare to other more etablished brands with a longer service record. This particular model was known to freeze some food in the fridge side (upper part) and to have some water/ice forms under the vegetable drawers.

Thank You again, Best Buy Geek Squad.