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Roomba Robot

I need a vaccuum cleaner for my new apt (I have hardwood right now and have gotten away with just sweeping and mopping). 


I was perusing the BB listings for vaccuums when I came across the Roomba robot automated vaccuum cleaner and wondered if anyone on here has had any positive/negative/neutral experiences with it.


Thanks for your input!

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Re: Roomba Robot

Oh, my mom LOVES her Roomba. We got her one for Christmas a couple years ago, and for picking up cat hair on the floor, it's great!


There are a few downsides we've found to using it however. One is that it can get stuck on things, like lamp bases, or, it's favorite place to hide, under the sofa. It also sometimes has a hard time moving from hardwood floors to an area rug. Also, the dirt cup is pretty small, so if you're doing a large room, you have to chase it down and empty the cup at least once or twice before it's done.


Other than those few things, it's a great item. My mom loves that on the model we go her, she can set it to go at a certain time of day, everyday. She has it set to run when her and my dad are at work, and then, when it's done, it automatically docks itself back on the charger.


The only downside I can see to my mom's version, is that sometimes she'll come home from work to see it sitting in the middle of the floor and the cat just staring at it. My mom's actually witnessed the cat watching the thing intently, then walking up to it, on top of it, and pressing the stop button, turning it off. My mom tried turning it on again, and again, the cat turned it off. It's actually pretty amusing to watch.

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