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Reconsider Buying Samsung appliances

For those of you looking to buy a new washer and dryer, look elsewhere than Samsung.  Bought a WA5451ANW/X and DV5451AEW/X  Top load washer and front load dryer Oct 6, 2011.


In 2013 the dryer quit working.  Called Geek Squad.  They first set me up an service appointment with a local company in Des Moines, Iowa that I recognized.  Since I knew of the company, and was certain that this company did not repair washing machines and dryers, I asked multiple times if the appointment was correct.  I was basically finally told that Geek Squad was the expert and I was not.  So, My mistake, I accepted that information from Geek Squad.  You can guess what happened, took off work, the company I was given did not show up, I called that company and found out my initial knowledge of the company was correct and Geek Squad was horribly wrong.


Called Geek Squad back up, did manage to get another appointment, 21 days later.  Fed up with Geek Squad went back to my local West Des Moines Store.  I am not for sure how, but the local store pulled some strings and got a local third party appliance repair firm out 2 days later.  The local store experience was the single good point of the whole experience.  Apppliance repair firm replaced a main control board.  Should have been an indication on what trouble that I would have with Samsung.  The funniest thing was that 21 days later AE services called me wanting to fix my dryer, who must have been called by Geek Squad for that second trip.  Told AE repairman that dryer was fixed already.  AE was not pleased with my response.  I did not really care and after arguing with him on how they would recover what costs they had,  I told him in some colorful terms that he should "go back to Geek Squad"


In 2015, after only four years, the washer completely gave out.  I gave up totally on Samsung at that point, got a reliable Whirlpool.  Of course, anything would be more reliable than Samsung.  Found out about a year after I got rid of the washer that Samsung had a recall on my model (and several others) for washer drum balance issues in which the machine could potentially fly apart while running (well the phones blow up too so why not the washers)


Today March 28, 2017 after only approximately 5 years and 6 months the heating element of the dryer went out.  My advise is to steer clear of Samsung definately.  I would also carefully consider Geek Squad coverage.  It was only useful to me for leverage at the local store.  I am fairly certain that Geek Squad probably did not cover that first dryer repair.