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Re: Samsung refrigerator not working for fourth time

I have an old Samsung fridge (RB 1955 VQ) that I want to use as a second fridge.  But it's acting up.  We moved it from the kitchen to the garage.  It worked fine before.  Now when you plug it in, it cools the fridge compartement to 38 and the freezer to around 8 degrees Fahrenheit.  Perfect.  But then the next day, the fridge compartment is 55 degrees and the freezer around 40.    Some of the lights on the display board are out, so we can't see what temperature it is set at/reading. 


When I look for the display board part number (DA41-00225A) I see it's no longer available. Since it does work fine for 24 hours or so, I figure the thermostat and temperature sensors are okay.  Maybe it's the mother board, but I suspect it is the display board.


Any suggestions from anybody?