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Question about Washers

This weekend I purchased 

Samsung - 4.7 Cu. Ft. 11-Cycle High-Efficiency Washer - White

Model: WA5451ANW/XAA| SKU: 2366033

. Great deal, great customer service from Bianca. However, she stated that the washer DOES NOT come with water hoses, just the drain line. i could plainly see the drain line was at the bottom of the drum in the washer. I told her I could have sworn i saw on the website that the hoses and drain line were included. She said they were not. She said i would have to purchase the stainless steal hoses. I did.


The washe is to be delivered tonight. I looked at the site and again and it clearly states

What's Included

  • Samsung 4.7 Cu. Ft. 13-Cycle High-Efficiency Washer
  • Water line hoses, drain line
  • Owner's manual

So i called the store to speak with her again. She clearly told me that the hoses did not come with the washer. I told her i was looking at the website. She said well if they are in the boxes you can return the stainsless ones.


I have been under the impression that Best Buy employees are not non-commissioned workers. Is this right. Is Bianca just uniformed or was she trying to make a buck on the accessories.


Any help would be greatly aprectiated.

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Re: Question about Washers

Hello BigGene,


I would imagine that our sales associate might have inside knowledge on what comes with the washer and what doesn't. She might be erring on the side of caution. Nothing like having a new washer delivered only to find out there's a hose is missing. She's right in that you most certainly can return it if unneeded.


Oh, and we haven't had commission sales associates since the late 1980's. I think Bianca was just trying to make sure you had all that was needed for the install. I'd love to hear back on how it all went if you have time.


Thank you,



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Re: Question about Washers

I did recieve the washer and it did come with the rubber water hoses. The delivery guys said some washer dont come with them but my Samsung did. I went ahead and used the Stainless Steel ones becaue they looked better. I was just a little irked that a sales rep would be so adamant at the store when she could simply have looked it up.



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Re: Question about Washers

BigGene, Marti has it right. No commission. And most washers do NOT come with hoses, so better safe than sorry that you get some other ones and return them if not needed, rather than sit there with a washer you cannot use until you go back to the store to buy hoses.


Stainless steel is an excellent choice over the rubber ones that come with it because over the past few years, flirting around in the top 3 homeowner's insurance claims is that hoses on a washer broke and flooded the home. Most often this occurs when the old hoses are hooked up to a new machine (which is a big no-no and should never be done, for fear of leakage/breaking). Stainless steel from Best Buy, if I recall correctly, have a lifetime warranty as well. It wouldn't be a bad thing to keep them. But if the $20 will break your wallet, the stock hoses are sufficient.


Gashkerwin, Samsung builds a quality product. There is no one brand that builds everything well anymore. After processing as many returns as I have in the appliance department, the items I would choose for top marks in laundry are Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, in that order. My bottom group would be GE, Frigidaire, Maytag. The Maytag's were interesting because they are manufactured by Whirlpool since the merger, but front-loaders through them were returned regualrly for failing computer panels.


The most likely thing to go on a front-loading washer is the computer panel. A replacement from LG or Samsung is the most expensive, in my experience, at about $199-$250. Most front loaders offer a 5-10 year warranty on the motor because they're almost all direct drive anymore so it'll run forever. The pump is still susceptible to failure but that's a gamble. Samsung's are extremely quiet in my experience and clean very well. If not for the set I own before I worked at Best Buy (mine is still running 8 years on) I would buy a Samsung today.


Regarding the mold/mildew. Front loaders are for the most part, air tight. If the door is closed when the load is finished, it's only a matter of time before it builds up (usually on the outside part of the drum, that you can't see). Mine is a Maytag and had this issue. I have been able to treat mine, not rid the machine of it, but treat it with the tablets they sell at Best Buy. They come in packages of 3 and you really only need to use one about every 3 months, giving you 9 months per package.


I suggest Consumer Reports to get information on the set that will last  the longest, but get several issues with laundry because while a certain model may be listed #1, there could be several models missing from their survey that would topple the #1 pick. Take it with a grain of salt.


Good luck, I hope you get a good apple no matter what you pick!