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MyQ Home Bridge

Model: MYQ-G0303-SP


Just wondering if you would ever carry this?

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Re: Product Request

Unfortunally BB moderators will not be able to comment on future product availability unitl such a time as something offical is announced. 


However, they do currenlty carry the 301 model

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Re: Product Request

Hi there, donavanbecker,


Please forgive me the extreme lateness of my reply! We somehow overlooked your original inquiry, so I greatly appreciate your patience in waiting for assistance.


I'm not sure if you're still in the market for a garage smart hub; however, @bobberuchi is correct. We wouldn't be able to disclose any information about future inventory possiblities on If you're interested though, we do have another model available for purchase here. Let me know if you have any questions about it, as I'll be happy to help!



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