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Need advice - about to buy Washer / Dryer combo

As you know, a purchase of this size ($1500) is not taken lightly by most people and I am no exception! 


I have been to all the major stores and have it narrowed down to two, Lowes and Best Buy.  Although, Home Depot offers comparable LG products for less money we would rather buy Samsung.   I have gone through the pros and cons of each store and looking for input from as to which way to go.  Total dollars are as important as options and who will stand behind the warranty.  I do have some questions / comments as I finalize our choice of product and store where we'll purchase.



WF209ANW - $628.20 -10% energy discount $565.38

DV209AEW - $698.00


Warranty: 4 years (starts after mfg ends) $160 total for both.


Total: $1423.38


Best Buy:

WF218ANW - $629.99

DV218AEW - $679.99


-10% for buying the pair at the same time


Warranty: 3 years (starts immediately) $240 total for both.


Total: $1418.98


As you can see, the pricing is virtually the same.  Differences are the Lowes offers a better warranty (double) but the BB washer does have an internal water heater which is somewhat important to me.  Can you tell me if am missing any discounts, rebates or sale information?  I am interested in buying very soon but could wait for an upcoming sale or discount.


Please let me know if you have any comments.




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Re: Need advice - about to buy Washer / Dryer combo

Well to start there is also difference in what the Lowe's warranty covers and what the BBY warranty covers so there is a reason for the price difference.  Anyway, a built in water heater is a pretty big deal for most people so I would consider that to be what you are paying extra for.  The sales that are going on this week are probably some of the best sales out there right now but they could be better in the future.  I have seen the 218 on sale before for like $600/625 but that was during the holidays.  I would recommend going to BBY buying the 218s and it never hurts to ask if they will price match their competitors 5 year warranty although they don't have to.  Also keep in mind the 30 price match guarantee and keep a eye out for the next couple weeks and see if anyone puts them on sale for less than you paid for it.

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