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Microwave help

Ok. I need to replace my Samsung microwave that i don't remember how i ended up owning, but have been checking out some on best buy and want some advice: I know watts indicate power but how much is enough when all i'm going to heat is frozen chicken breats and popcorn? Is a $100 one really needed? Which brand is good?

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Re: Microwave help

In honesty.... I found cooking in low power to be preferable.  High power results in uneven cooking.  It's not uncommon the outside to be done, but the inside to be raw.


When I go looking for a microwave, I get a larger one to fit large microwave dish.

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Re: Microwave help

I agree that larger is better, but higher power is not that bad.  For small items you can set it to a lowr power (for instance 50%), and it will cook just as well as a lower wattage one.  The higher power is good for when you are cooking larger items or wanting to heat water...much faster in a higher wattage unit set to full power. 

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Re: Microwave help

Bigger size or smaller size is all depends on individual requirement and budget. I am using LG's microvave since last 3 years last year I have changed and again purchased LGs. I'm very satisfied with its performance never had any issues in my microwave.

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Re: Microwave help

I am using Samsung and my sister has a LG, both are working good, no problem if you are maintaining it properly.

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Re: Microwave help

I am currently giving very serious look at a convection microwave.  They cost a little more, but I really like convection. 


I have a convection oven and that feature does amazing things, esepcially for larger items like turkey


Convection helps ensure more even heating of your food item.

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