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Lost Sock Memorial Day

What’s not to love about a washer and dryer?

They help keep clean the clothes that I quickly acquire

I can also avoid the dreaded laundromat

Because really, who wants to deal with all that?


There is one thing, though, that I must confess

That makes me regret you no matter how you impress

I’ve spent more money than I could possibly save

As many socks have met an early grave


For you see, no matter how I pair them

Buy them, care for them, and watch them,

You always succeed to gobble one down

Or manage to somehow cause one to drown


Now please don’t get me wrong

I won’t stop using you, at least not for long

But I feel that you should be aware

While I’m a nice person, really I swear

My wrath is something you might want to beware


Don’t think I won’t, I will get my revenge

I truly love my socks, and I feel I must avenge

I won’t hesitate to cut you down to size

As I really should keep my eyes on the prize

Because to me, socks are precious

But to you, they’re nothing but delicious


This means I must cut you off at the source,

For I fear I have no other recourse

No more socks for you

And all the more for me

Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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