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LG washer/dryer bluetooth connectivity

Ok, received this duo a few days ago and really wanted to use the app to control them since this was in every ad for these appliances. Spent a couple days because it would never even come up and definitely would not pair. LG has me get the apps for Google Assistant and Home. Everything just circled back to the LG THINQ app, which is straight out of the manual for both machines, so it of course does not work. Finally an associate with LG looked this up and the duo is NOT COMPATIBLE with this stinking app. False advertising? I am sure I paid extra for this little bluetooth tidbit on these machines and now I can’t use it? If BestBuy had not, in a coincidence, put these on sale before I got them my head would have blown off my shoulders by now. I will not forget this LG, and BestBuy will get a heads up too from me so THEY won’t get in trouble with fake advertising.