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LG Steam washer leaks bleach from drawer

Would like to know if anyone has experienced this problem on L G steam washer. When filling the bleach dispenser the bleach leaks out before filling the container or before the drawer can be closed. Best buy has been out twice and replaced the drawer. The second time the tech advised I was pouring the bleach to fast which is basically impossible to do but it was a nice try. He did nothing else and suggested I call LG. I did and LG tech came out ordered and replaced the same panel assembly drawer as well as the as well as the dispenser assembly. The problem became somewhat better and recently it started becoming more frequent. The bleach leaks down the front and side of the machine, has damaged the paint on the machine as well as the pedestal base. A service tech from Best buy is due out Friday


I have video of the leak. The machine will be a year old next month. Not to happy with the product as it was an expensive piece and my wife had to have the matching dryer so I spent quite a bit of money on the products.