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LG Refrigerators - Your Compressor WILL FAIL & LG Knows it..!!!

Just about 2 years old and one night we went to get a cold drink, only to find both our LG refrigerator/freezer just stopped working.  Hundreds of dollars worth of food had to be thrown out, mush all over the floor!  Of course, we noticed it in the evening on a weekend, so there wasn't much we could do.  Early the next morning we attempted to call the LG warranty line.  We were given the number to 3 repair services in the area.  One said he was booked up for 6 weeks!  Another said he could come out in about a week or two.  The other hasn't returned our calls.  What a great system, huh? Such a huge company and this is the best they can do?  What are we supposed to do without a refrigerator for out every night?!!  Now, this thing was not cheap to purchase it cost thousands.  The most expensive we've ever purchased.  But we needed reliability and longevity...and we believed the LG marketing hype, like so many others they suckered. We thought we were buying the Lexus of refrigerators.....instead, we got a Yugo.  Most other refrigerators I've purchased have easily lasted 15-20 years or more without any issues.  In fact, one reason I purchased was for energy saving properties and looks.  Big mistake! They don't make 'em like they used to.... at least not LG.  They are fully aware, and have been for several years that their new 'linear' compressor is a defective design, yet they go on selling them to hardworking Americans.  They claim such great customer service...what a crock!.  They put us on hold and hung up.  They swore they would call us back within 24 hrs....we never heard from them.  We could hear lots of laughing in the background as we told our heartbreaking story. Then, to top it off, their written warranty clearly states there is a 10-year parts and 5 year labor on linear compressors.  They refused to honor it.  They kept parroting that there was only a 1 year warranty....that was a bold faced lie!  So now we have to come up with hundreds of dollars to replace a faulty part that never should have been on the market.  To make things worse, we were told by technicians that the new compressor will likely fail again within 3 years.  Energy savings???  You will NEVER stop paying!!  They are crooks, frauds, and belong in jail for what they have perpetrated on the American public.  How about some tariffs on South Korea and LG?  Life was good WITHOUT LG and their lies..!!!!!!