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Kitchen gadgets that will keep you on track in 2020!

It’s 2020, and with a new year comes new goals, many of which are related to health. People hit the gym and revaluate what they put in their grocery carts in order to help form healthy habits. But, even with this New Year and our new goals, our busy schedules stay the same. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to cook a healthy meal at home, and it’s easy to fall back into quick, easy options.  However, if you’re looking to prepare and serve some healthy meals in your limited time, here are five kitchen gadgets that can help!


  1. Instant Pot

instant pot.PNG  Most of you have probably heard of the Instant Pot by now. My boyfriend and I got one for his mother for Christmas and had a blast teaching her how to steam vegetables in it the next day. The Instant Pot not only steams, but also pressure cooks, sates, slow cooks, warms, and makes rice and yogurt! All this is as easy as touching a button.




  1. Breville Juice Fountain Cold

 juice.PNG Multiple studies show that the majority of American don’t consume enough fruits and vegetables. However, juicers can make getting more servings of the vital nutrients that fruits and veggies hold quick and easy. This juicer is one of my favorites simply because of how easy it is to use. The whole fruit feed machine cuts out the preparation of peeling and cutting most fruits and vegetables. Seriously, you can just throw a whole apple in there! The cold spin technology then dispenses the nutrient rich juice into a 70 oz jug that comes with a lid and doubles as a juice pitcher.


  1. Cuisinart Salad spinner


  salad spinner.PNGSalads are a great way to get a lot of vegetables in, and can either be sides or whole meals. This salad spinner allows you to rinse and dry your fruits and vegetables without even having to take off the lid. Then, the clear basin can be used as a serving bowl, which is one of my favorite features as it makes at least one less dish to wash.



  1. Insignia 3.2qt Digital Air Fryer

 air fryer.PNG My dad swears by his air fryer. As a southerner, he will never not love something fried, but this gives him a healthier way to eat those fried foods! If you’re like me, when these came out, I wondered just how exactly they work, and doubted it would be anything close to an old fashioned oil fry. However, the circulating hot air does a great job of creating a crispy outer layer while still locking in moisture. It uses little to no oil, and definitely proved me wrong; this is a great alternative to deep frying! This particular air fryer is awesome because it comes with a pre-programed menu that gives you cook times and temperatures for a variety of different foods, eliminating your need to guesstimate. And, if you know me, you know I hate doing dishes. With this fryer, you just lift the basket and slide the pan out, and stick them directly in the dishwasher.



  1. Anova Precision Cooker Nano

sous vide.PNG  Sous vide sounds too fancy for me; but, when you tell me that it is essentially putting a stick in some water, it sounds right up my alley! This precision cooker simply clamps to the side of your pot (as shallow as 5 inches) and then heats and circulates the water in order to give you a perfect cook. In fact, it even claims that it is impossible to overcook your food with this. The digital screen shows a temperature and timer, but this precision cooker takes it a steps further. Anova also has a smartphone app which provides more advanced features, and allows you to monitor the cooking temperature and time from your phone, so that you can both multitask and cook like a pro!




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