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Insignia Voice (Google Assistant) Speaker - Major Issue

There is a known issue with the device. If it is within voice range of any Google Homes, it will take precedence. In other words, anytime it hears you regardless of whether it's closest or not, it will answer.  This is a MAJOR issue if you are in another room talking to a different speaker.  This one will answer, but you won't be able to hear a response.


I have contacted Insignia about this issue multiple times over the last couple of weeks. Each time they act like it is a new issue, they've never heard about. I provide them with the case number, and there are no notes regarding this issue.


If there is anyone on this forum that could provide some assistance, that would be greatly appreciated.  


Also, if you have this speaker, I would ask that you please report the issue.

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Re: Insignia Voice (Google Assistant) Speaker - Major Issue

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Hi there, bdg004,


Thanks for joining the Best Buy Support forums!


While it’s typically a considered a good thing for your Insignia Voice to respond to your commands, it’s understandable why its responsiveness would be frustrating if you’re not trying to get it to reply. I’m not sure how we can ultimately fix that; however, I do know where you might be able to get some answers.


If you haven’t already, I would suggest registering for an account with Insignia’s forum board. There is quite a bit of information available there for all their products.


I hope this helps,

Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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