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Important New York State delivery/installation info I learned the hard way

Just learned, the hard way, that Best Buy rules in New York State and New Jersey (and possibly other states as well) restrict the "drivers" who deliver and "install" new washing machines from unhooking your old one--you have to do it yourself.  This information wasn't given to me at the store (although apparently there is a brochure) but WAS included in the voicemail providing my delivery time.  I thought I could manage it but learned that my hands are too weak, my pliers too wimpy, and my washer too awkwardly placed in a corner and on a platform for me to manage it. When I called the customer service number to ask them whether the installers couldn't make an exception, I eventually learned (from Chris Apgar, the Perth Amboy warehouse customer service manager) that the people who deliver the machine will not hook it up unless you have a dedicated drain.  In my life, I have purchased three washing machines for several houses and in all cases, the washing machine water exited through a hose directly into the utility sink--dedicated drains being something that you get if you live in a new house or have a renovated laundry room. I've never had a problem getting a washing machine delivered and set up. But to get a machine purchased from Best Buy installed by its delivery people, I would have to first hire a plumber to install a dedicated drain line.  Go figure.  If you live in an old house, this is definitely worth knowing.