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Front Load Vs Top Load Washing Machines

I have to replace my current Top Load washer that died and I'm honestly lost on what to buy. The big debate is really between cost and does it clean my clothes clean without breaking with in the first couple years.


This is what I know:


Top Loaders; Are cheaper, are less effecient and the ones that have agitators can destroy clothes.


High Efficient Top Loaders; Have just as much room as Front Loaders and no agitator but do they get the close as clean as a Front Loader? Do High Efficient Top Loaders exist for people who find it hard to take the plunge to a front loader? I've done a little shopping and many say that it seems that Top Loaders will be phased out. Is there any factual information out there to say thats where we're headed?


Front Loaders; Are the most efficent but carry a higher price tag and a higher average repair bill.  Is the price tag worth it? I am only buying a washer and I don't care how it looks because its going in the basement and sitting on concrete. I don't mind a little vibration just as long as it doesn't sound anything like an air raid siren while its doing its thing. SOO many say that the Samsung is the way to go. Is everyone's endorsement of the product because of the lack of vibration or it's quality of washing clothes?


I just need something that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, that will wash my clothes without destroying them and make them clean while lasting me at least 8 - 10 years with no repairs needed.



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Re: Front Load Vs Top Load Washing Machines

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Did you also know that top loaders can use up to 50 gallons of water per cycle? Front loaders use an average of 18 gallons of water per cycle. All that can add up on a water bill. An answer for your question, "Do High Efficient Top Loaders exist for people who find it hard to take the plunge to a front loader?" The answer is yes its a whirlpool cabrio, now the price is $899 but it is an energystar rated appliance, and has a 5cu. ft. stainless steel tub. So the price is just the same as a front loader or more. I have heard that top loaders are (keyword) eventually be discontinued. I have heard nothing more and have no knowledge from any reps that they will be, so it is still a question i could not tell give you a straight answer too, but i can tell you that it has a possibilty of being discountinued in the future simply because of the difference of water output. The question, "SOO many say that the Samsung is the way to go. Is everyone's endorsement of the product because of the lack of vibration or it's quality of washing clothes?" Samsung offers a great feature called VRT ( Vibration Reduction Technology) and yes samsung is rated very high with cleaning clothes, pic a model on our website by samsung and read the reviews. Samsung is again one of the top brands in Appliances.


Front loaders for higher service bills..

* If you do have an issue with a front loader or even a top loader. a general service call to check out your product (that is not warrantied by the 1 yr manufacter, or if didnt purchase a 3/5yr service plan throught Best Buy) cost about 80 + plus the parts plus labor.

* front loaders are newer and do have many new features that yes can cost more.


Do not take this as a sales pitch please.... We dont make any commission off your purchase

Just buy the service plan ( Geek Squad Black Tie Protection) it will be priced from

150 3yr-- in home service

200 3yr-- premium (which covers preventative maintenance throught the 3yrs)

250 5yr-- in home service

300 5yr-- premium (which covers preventative maintenance throught the 5yrs) + in home service

all these prices cover a laundry package ( washer + dryer)

These plans are always nice to have because you know that you are covered if you run into problems.

My advice is buy the lg set that will cost you around $1080 + tax and service plan ( because it is the cheapest front loader at $540 per  washer and dryer.)
 service plan and finance it under 18 months. it would be about $75 to pay off in 18 with no interest.

sku 9216261 and 9215903

Samsung will run you 799 or lower if on sale for the samung 218 washer and dryer, with the VRT

Hope this helps, let me know if you have questions.


Store 032 St. Peters, MO


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Re: Front Load Vs Top Load Washing Machines

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Re: Front Load Vs Top Load Washing Machines

I'm sorry but that post has got to by why I don't like dealing with sales people. I need real advice not the sales pitch. Perhaps I'm at the wrong website and maybe I should have been more clear. Is there an edit function to this website like most forums do? Anyways, at the very least you should have got this right...


"I am only buying a washer and I don't care how it looks because its going in the basement and sitting on concrete." DanCbbyemployee you replied with informing me about washer/dryer sets.


I'm doing my homework and checking many websites including ConsumerReports. Of course I've read the reviews but I'm still wanting more. Lets get this straight right now. I'm looking for the best darn washing machine for my buck! That may be one of the Samsung front door models thats very expensive that everyone seems to be singing praises about or it might be something that does just a good job with less bells and whistles at a lower price. I'm not out to buy a "cheap" washing machine and a service plan. According to a few websites they advise against extended warranties and everyone knows you get what you pay for. I am leaning towards getting a front door washing machine but price and quality is very debateable and  there seems to be mixed results with customers. I guess if all else fails and I continue to get the "sales pitch" I could just soley rely on ConsumerReports test results.



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Re: Front Load Vs Top Load Washing Machines

Good afternoon Simcity -


My apologies for not answering this sooner.  I was on a 10 day vacation, of sorts.  


I can only give my my opinion on the matter.  To begin with, I did manage and sell appliances in our stores for about 5 years prior to my position here.  I have sold many of both types of units.  I have heard too, that they would eventually phase out top loading units.  I have been hearing that for the past 8 years though, and have not seen it happen, so I am not too sure on that point. 


From my experience, I definitely prefer my front load unit that I purchased about 3 years ago.  I can wash a ton of clothes at once, and it is very gentle on my clothes.  It is on a concrete floor in our laundry room, and when it spins out, it can get a bit loud.  However, this is for maybe 3 minutes tops.  Not only do I get the benefit of saving money on water, but there is a huge savings on detergent, something I never thought about before owning the unit.  You use such a tiny amount of the HE detergent, it seems to last forever.  


I have seen a big difference in how long our clothes last now too.  Before my daughters clothes would show the little "pulls" or "balls" on the fabric on the clothes in no time at all, but this seems greatly diminished now.  As a mom of 3, this is very important to me.  Also, my clothes come out very spun out, so there is not much water in the items when going into the dryer, thus reducing my dry times.  This too saves me money on gas for my dryer. 


As far as actual units, I have to admit that I have been out of the store for a couple of years so I cannot comment 100% on the units sold now.  I do know that the Samsung units were very good units previously, however when they were first introduced they were a bit pricey.  But then again, at that time all the front loaders were significantly more expensive.  The Samsung units had a really good reputation among my customers at the time and I have a hard time recalling if I ever had one returned.  


Top loading machines are going to be much cheaper normally, however as you have mentioned, you get the agitator which is very harsh on your clothes.  You also get smaller loads overall so this equates to more washing.  


Some of my customers really liked the High Efficiency Top Loaders like the Cabrio, however they seem to be priced similarly to the front loading units.  If you are going to make that type of investment, I would just pay a tiny bit more and get a front loader.  


I hope this helps some.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me!





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Re: Front Load Vs Top Load Washing Machines

First, I would not get a front load washer. My, one day old, washer had a bad valve and after two uses it over filled with water which forced the door open and flooded my first floor laundry room and part of my basement. Second I would not buy it from Best Buy, I had such a hard time  with customer service ordering this machine and getting order correct it just wasn't worth it. and when I got the bill it still wasn't right! Anyway the last event made a great ending to my letter I was writing to Richard Schulze and Brian Dunn at the time detailing my horrible customer service events with their company.
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Re: Front Load Vs Top Load Washing Machines

Hi Sim, In all reality I have also heard about top-loaders going away kind of like how tube TVs are now. It is something just running around the rumor mills at the moment tho. When it comes to front-loads it's all about the washers which is what you said you need to replaced anyway. As you do know the front-load washers do save you on your water and energy bills compared to the top-load washers. They also spin at around 1200 RPM while the top-load spins at around 600-900 RPM. Because the front-load spins at a faster RPM your clothes are also going to become dryer in the WASHER and spend less time in the dryer as a result.... saving money with that too. LG has a 10 years manufactory's warranty on the motor so that is a huge repair cost that if anything happens with it for 10 years they will take care of it! No other manufactor has that kind of warranty out there, front-load or top-load.