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Electrolux Wave Touch Washer/Dryer

Before you invest in these, let me tell you my experience with them so far.  April 20th I ordered a set of these from BB with pedestals, etc. to the tune of $4,600.  I was quoted a delivery date of May 15th (3 weeks).  When that date came, Electrolux shipped the washer, but not the dryer.  I finally receieved the set on Saturday May 30th, a full 5 weeks after I ordered them.  After much complaining, to Best Buy's credit they compensated me with a gift card for the multiple trips to the laundromat (my original machine was broken, hence the investment).


So...the machine checks out ok in the pre-test.  Start a load of wash, and it was amazing.  Very quiet, and I liked the digital display functions.  Until the machine broke half way through with my work clothes still in it.  Even better, the door is locked so I can't remove the clothes.  Called Electrolux, definetely a problem with the unit (electronic controller does not work).


Called Geek Squad, and they were able to troubleshoot that someone definetly needed to come out.  I am working with them to find/fix the problem.


Perhaps I have had bad luck with a "bum set" of these appliances, but at $4,600 and 5 weeks of waiting, I am surely disappointed at their performance so far.  To their credit, BB is trying their best, but if your washer breaks unexpectedly, I would not recommend these as a replacement unless you plan on going to the laundromat quite a bit.


I will post updates when Geek Squad comes out to troubleshoot the problem.

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Re: Electrolux Wave Touch Washer/Dryer

Hey PaperEngineer -


That sounds like such an inconvenient experience!  It is always interesting to hear feedback on products, and I am disappointed that your new units are not meeting your needs.  It is good to hear that the Geek Squad is attempting to help you.  


Keep us updated, and again, thank you for your feedback. 





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