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Electric stove without computer board

Does Best Buy sell a smooth top, analog electric stove without a computer board (aka motherboard? I've had to replace the computer board on my curent stove three times. If such a stove or stoves exist can you please post a list of them. Thank you.

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Re: Electric stove without computer board

If you look in the specificaitons for various ranges you can find those that have analog control type.


This one is out of stock but it is an example. 


Whirlpool 3.8


If you navigate to 

Best Buy > Appliances > Ranges, Cooktops & Ovens


And use the Filters for Oven Cleaning Method and select Manual  and choose smooth top that will narrow it down to 20 Ranges. Though you will still need to check the Specifications.  Once you open the Specificaitons search for Control Type


There you will see things like Analog, ElectoMechanical, and Electronic


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