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*DESPERATE* Connect JUST 1080p monitor to IP cameras by usb/wifi ip ?

I have an old 1080p monitor I've never used.(about 8yrs old) What can I connect by USB that will connect and display these cameras? Like bare bones, simple. Or is there an LED or LCD display that will display and connect to most/all IP cameras like littlelf or Huawei IP cameras through just by wifi/ip detection?

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Re: *DESPERATE* Connect JUST 1080p monitor to IP cameras by usb/wifi ip ?

Hello, boston_slasher,


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We appreciate you reaching out to us for support with your monitor set up. I can appreciate you wanting to have a simple solution to connecting your cameras to your monitor. Technology has changed a great deal over the past years, without the ability to see your equipment, it would be difficult for us to provide accurate advice.  In efforts to ensure that you receive accurate information, I recommend that you reach out to our Geek Squad at (800) 433-5778 for assistance with this. 


Please let me know if I can be of assistance with any other questions you may have.


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Re: *DESPERATE* Connect JUST 1080p monitor to IP cameras by usb/wifi ip ?

Security cameras have come a long way. Many people have solutions now like Nest and Ring and even Amazon's Alexa enabled devices to monitor their own home without paying for an expensive security subscription that traditional security system owners used to pay. It's relatively easy to setup 


To monitor you simply use your phone or computer to check on the different cameras in the house. Certain monitoring features do need a premium subscription however. Still much less than your former traditional security system. 

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