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Convection Microwaves

We are going to be shopping soon for a new microwave.  I have been contemplating the Convection Microwaves.


This afternoon I was browsing the Samsung 1.1 cu ft convection microwave. in the store and was quite intrigued.


We have a Convection range and I will never buy another range that is not convection.


Has anyone ever used one of these and wondering how well they work.  I am a little worried about heat.  It will  be in the microwave space that our current model is in.



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Re: Convection Microwaves

I purchased one of these Samsung convection ovens, and it stopped working in about 4 months.  No, I did not purchase a BestBuy coverage because I have had no problems before.  Taught me a lesson there.


I will not be buying Samsung, and I will not be trying to get it fixed at any dealer's location.  See previous account of trying to work with their repair group.


So it's going to e-recycling.  Out $300+