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Connected Home - Smart Lock Inquiry

Hi there!


I'm trying to find a Smart Lock product that can be locked/unlocked via my phone without Bluetooth (i.e. from further away than 20 feet). I would also like to see if anyone knows of a smart lock that doesn't require replacing the current hardware, such as a magnetic strip lock or latch. If anyone knows of a product that does either or both of these things, please help guide me to them!


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Re: Connected Home - Smart Lock Inquiry

Pretty sure any Smart Lock is going to require replacing the hardware on your door.


some of the systems I have seen require a montly subscription plan and there are others that can use your existing wi-fi


I don't think Best Buy carries the locks but do a google search fo


wi-fi locks


or RemoteLock is a particular brand.


I have a Schlage brand lock.  It is not wireless but has a keypad that works really well.  Some systems may require some sort of other home.

If you have a Home Depot, Lowes, or some other Home Store in your area that might be your best bet.


However, Best Buys Commected Home department is growing.  They do have a growing selection of home control products.  If you get a lock you may want to look to one that is compatable with other products. 

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