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Can Geek Squad install router with Uverse



Just moved in and got Uverse.  Wifi signal is not strong enough through out 2500 square foot house.  Looking at buying the Nighthawk AC1900 to use as my router.  Doing some research online it looks like I am able to basically "turn off" the router built in to the Uverse box.  Then I could add this new router and have a stronger Wifi signal.  Only problem is I don't know how to do this.  So could I buy this router from you all and then have Geek Squad install for me (including the modifications necessary to the Uverse router)?





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Re: Can Geek Squad install router with Uverse

Hey there, aforut,


Good question! While we certainly should be able to set you up with a Geek Squad Wi-Fi Setup and Support plan to help get things up and running, there are a couple things I'd suggest figuring out before proceeding. 


1) Signal - A new, more powerful router may help with this; however, it would ultimately depend on how strong of a signal you're getting to begin with. If you haven't already, I'd suggest contacting Uverse to determine there isn't something wrong with your connection or to see if you may just need to purchase a wi-fi extender rather than a new router.


2) Nighthawk AC1900 - From what I've reviewed from AT&T's (Uverse) site, it appears that this router would be compatible with their service. I would recommend confirming this with AT&T first though simply because I'd hate for you to purchase it only to find it it's not going to work with your network.


If you choose to go ahead and purchase the new router and request service through us, please know that we should able to make the necessary modifications to Uverse box. Depending on how complex this turns out to be though, please know you may be subject to additional service fees.


I hope this helps, but if you have any other questions regarding this matter, I’d suggest visiting your local store and speaking with a computer specialist. They would be in the best position to help figure out exactly what you need.



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