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BestBuy Washing Maching LG Delivery Issue

I ordered my LG washer/dryer set with Bestbuy on 11/29/09 and they scheduled a delivery for 12/6/2009. The delivery driver came and setup the dryer only, but the washer was damaged out of the box. They told me they cannot install it and took it back. I got a call from BestBuy they the new one will be delivered on 12/10/2009. The delivery driver called on 12/10/2009 that he cannot find my home and I have to meet him, where he can follow me back. I did that and he installed the washer, but as soon as he turned it on, the power button fell inside and we couldnt even turn it on. He took it back. I got a call from BestBuy that they will deliver it the 3rd time on 12/14/09 between 1-3:00. I got a call at 2:00 PM on the delivery day, that they will not be able to deliver it because they havent received the washing machine from their warehouse in Dallas. Now they are saying that they are delivering it on 12/15/09, which is tomorrow for the 4th time.


I just wanted to see, if anyone is having similar issues with BestBuy delivery or LG washers?

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Re: BestBuy Washing Maching LG Delivery Issue

Yeah, I've had a lot of problem with the delivery teams that come out for delivery.  Of the dozen or so appliances that I have purchased from BBY I can say that like 10 have been damaged.  Most of the time it has just been cosmetic damage and I took it anyway but they did damage my washer twice to the point where it was unusable, at that point I just went down to my store, told them my story, and they took care of me.  It seems more like the delivery guys don't care if something gets damaged because if a customer has a complaint they are told to go back to the store.

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Re: BestBuy Washing Maching LG Delivery Issue

Its not always Best Buy's fault that the product comes damaged.  The product, in this case a washer, is manufactured overseas and shipped to an LG warehouse.  Then its shipped to a Best Buy warehouse.  In some cases, its shipped to the stores, which then do the delivery.  So there are a lot of non-Best Buy stops along the way where things can get damaged.


Its not a frequent issue; my store is a Self Delivery store, meaning all the product gets that extra step of being shipped here before we deliver.  Based on the amount of LG product I sell and deliver, the amount I hear about being damaged (which is 100% of the ones that are damaged) is incredibly minimal.  Anything can happen, I will tell everyone that, since we aren't going to open your box and inspect it before delivery because most customers dont want something out of the box before it gets to their house.  But, on a whole, LG does a very good job of protecting their product, and Best Buy does what it can to make sure we don't damage product.

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