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Best Buy appliances

I don't know the first thing about shopping for appliances. Where should I start? I just bought a condo... need a little help!

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Re: Best Buy appliances

Well, I'd start by taking your measurements.  Find out what will fit in the area that you want the appliances to go and then you can start looking at features.  The other thing to consider is what colour scheme you want to go with.  White, Black and Stainless Steel are usually the most common but you can still find almond, red and green appliances if you are willing to pay more.  After you have those thing figured out, I would recommend going to a few manufacturer's websites like,,, ... and look at what options you have given your size and style choice.  Then I would go to a place like bby and listen to their take on the products that you have chosen, see if they can get it for you in a reasonable time and see what is the best price they can get them for.  I would always recommend going into at least two places for the same information and remember that everyone price matches so purchase from the place where you feel most comfortable buying from.  Does that help?

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