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usb mic decibel increase headset needed

So I always had issues with most of my android phones' calling by wifi, I dont know why they cant hear me sometimes but I could via apps like zoom. So, I was wondering if there is a usb mic brand to buy that has a built in decibel increase feature instead of requiring other software, so I could use in my phone(with my usb to micro usb otg adapter), could anyone give any suggest models & brands?
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Re: usb mic decibel increase headset needed

OTG adapters are intended for stuff like storage ,etc and are not intended for devices that are a Microphone. You wont get the amperage to run it. They are commonly used on tablets.


A Bluetooth headset may be more reliable for it but make sure it has a microphone built into the headset. Also I don't know how old your phones are but make sure the bluetooth compatibility is there

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Re: usb mic decibel increase headset needed

there should be a good blue tooth option. 


I have Aftershokz bone condution headphone that work really well. 


Does it do the same when you are calling via data?


I use my phone quite often for WebEx and MS Teams meetings, and it is running on WiFi in my home and office.


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Re: usb mic decibel increase headset needed

Prefer wired, dont have data on it. It works on a walmart no brand model headset but not high quality like others. Doesnt for model ones like Logitech for some reason.