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"Activate Today" unlocked phone

I'm looking to buy an unlocked phone to replace my broken Pixel 2xl until the end of my Verizon contract. I'm specifically interested in the Moto G7, but I see it's cheaper under the "activate today" option. I'm just looking for a phone to pop my current sim card into. Does that count as "activate today" or am i gonna seriously have to pay the extra money?
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Re: "Activate Today" unlocked phone

If you already have a SIM Card and you are looking to use the device then it would not count as activate today. You would need to choose a new provider and activate the phone with that provider to get the cheaper price. Otherwise you would be paying more for the phone.


Honestly I don't know why phone manufacturers opt to do this kind of pricing as buying an unlocked phone would be more attractive if you already got the lower price up front and did not have to meet the requirement of activating a phone in store.Its just too many steps.

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