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question about buying a new iphone

is it better to buy a new iphone outright or make payments on it 

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Re: question about buying a new iphone


  • is the phone unlocked and you need to swap carriers frequently as an international traveller
  • you want a new phone before a contract will be fulfilled
  • you frequently drop or break your phone and need a new one before the contract is fulfilled
  • is there a subsidy for bringing your own phone?  Compare the savings.

Make payments

  • you will keep your phone for several months until the contract is fulfilled.
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Re: question about buying a new iphone

after all of my payments or i buy my phone outright will at@t stil unlock it for me 


also will there be a unlock fee on my bill 

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Re: question about buying a new iphone

There should not be an unlock fee. At least I have never paid one. 


HOWEVER, if you cancel your contract before the two years is up you will pay a penalty fee equal to the amount you still owe on the phone.  The contractrs really a pay to own.  


The iPhone 6S 16GB ($699 to purchase outright)  right now is starts off at $27.08 per month (to buy the phone on a contract).  So after 24 months you have paid $649.92 for the phone, which by that time will be worth about $100 as we will probalby be on the 7 or 8


Now if you go with the Pre-Paid option the phone costs $549 and then $45 a month for service or $1629 after 24 months.



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Re: question about buying a new iphone

Hi macuser, 

It looks like bobberuchi has provided some excellent insight into the differences between buying a new iPhone or using installment billing/lease options that the major carriers offer. 

Each one has its merits, and it truly depends on what is best for you. When utilizing installment billing/lease options, you are able to make small payments for the phone over the predetermined period of time with your monthly service bill which you often receive a bit of a discount on. This discount helps offset the phone payment. However, if you are not due for an upgrade, your only option may be to buy a phone and pay in full. 

Paying in full obviously has its merits, as you simply don't encounter the monthly payment for the phone. Furthermore, you own the phone right away so you're not tied to any contracts under the device, and it may make the device eligible for unlocking.


For AT&T's unlocking details, check their page out here

I hope this helps! 

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