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microSDHC UH-3 question

I bought a device that uses microSDHC cards and the card I'm looking at is UH-3.  I don't know if the device is optimized for UH-3 or not.  If it isn't, I already know that the card will still work, but will there be ANY read/speed benefit from picking up a UH-3 card Vs. a standard microSDHC?


If the speed WILL be improved, I'd buy a faster card.

If the speed WON'T be improved, I'd buy a higher capacity card.


So... will a UH-3 microSDHC work faster in a non-optimized device (compared to a non-UH3 micro SDHC) or not?



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Re: microSDHC UH-3 question

Hi there Russell-


I’m afraid that I’m at a bit of a loss to provide you with an answer to your question.  I would recommend either waiting to see if a member of our community can offer some insight here, or another option would be to check with the experts at your local Best Buy store.  Hopefully they can answer your question and help you get the most out of your device!


Thanks for posting!

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Re: microSDHC UH-3 question



To answer your question, I actually had to do a bit of research myself. I came across this which may be able to aid in your research:


To summarize, here's what I found. It looks like the UHS-3 speed gives you about 30mb/s speed vs. UHS-1 which provides 10mb/s. If you can go with the UHS-3, I would recommend it.


 MarkMinimum Serial DataSD Bus ModeApplication
UHS Speed Class330MB/sUHS-II
4K2K Video Recording
110MB/sFull HD Video Recording HD Still Image Continuous Shooting
Speed Classclass1010MB/sHigh Speed
class66MB/sNormal SpeedHD and Full HD Video Recording
class22MB/sStandard Video Recording
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