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iPod Touch 7G Case

I recently purchased an iPod 7 128GB.  I'm "upgrading" from an iPod Touch5 16GB.  I need a case with a clip.  My current one is the "Survivor Case for 5th Gen Apple iPod," and it's my understanding that this case will also fit my new one.  I LOVE this case; however, besides listening to/downloading music (90% of the time), I also use this for taking and posting photos to FB and emailing now and then, and I find that this case is bit of a pain at times.  It's a little difficult uncovering the lens protector and holding it while taking photos, and it's also somewhat difficult typing on the screen due to the rubberized outer casing.  Is there anything a bit more "user friendly" that is just as sturdy?

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Re: iPod Touch 7G Case

If you mean the sixth generation iPod Touch (seventh gen has not even been announced yet), there a variety of cases and styles available. Was there a particular style you wanted? I recommend brands such as Otterbox and Speck for reliability and practicality.