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iPhone XR Repair Estimate

The back side glass of my iPhone XR is cracked, I was wondering how much it would cost to repair this
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Re: iPhone XR Repair Estimate

Ouch, my wife had cracked back side glass on her iPhone 6. I had no idea that was a thing until she showed it to me and the front will still smooth.


From what I dug up Apple Care charges $399 for back glass replacement on the XR

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Re: iPhone XR Repair Estimate

Hey, Collin860! 


I love these all glass phones. They're beautiful and feel amazing in the hand. I've had to repair my iPhone a couple times, simply because I don't want to use any case that takes away from the looks.


If you take a look at this link you can find a chart with the prices of some common repairs. You would still want to schedule an appointment with your local Geek Squad to fully diagnose any issues as well as any repairs needed. 

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