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iPhone FAQ

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There are a lot of questions being asked about the iPhone.  These are the most frequently asked.  We hope they help you in your research of this nifty product.

Is a contract required to purchase an iPhone?
At this time, a two-year contract with AT&T is required to purchase an iPhone and activate its features. 

Can I use my iPhone in another country?
Absolutely!  AT&T offers international calling plans for customers travelling abroad.  For those customers who will be using the iPhone in a native country other than the U.S., it is recommended to purchase the iPhone in your country as the service contract will likely be less expensive than an international calling plan from the U.S.
What are the upgrade and plan costs associated with the iPhone?
Current pricing for the iPhone can be found here. Remember that these prices require a new line of service and new two year contract.  Early upgrade pricing is higher and dependent upon eligibility.  You may find AT&T service contract information at AT&T’s site here.

Can I use the iPhone with my current service provider that is not AT&T?
Unfortunately, no.  Apple has an exclusive contract with AT&T for iPhone service.  The iPhone cannot be activated for any other provider at this time.

Can I use my old SIM card with the iPhone?
Yes! Apple includes a tool for ejecting the SIM card with the iPhone 3G.

Can I add additional memory to the 8 GB iPhone if I need more storage?
If you think that you will need more storage than 8 GB, you should purchase the 16 or 32 GB model.  There is not a way to add additional storage to the iPhone.

Can I trade in my old iPhone for the latest model?
While you may be eligible for an upgrade, your old iPhone will remain yours and cannot be traded in.  Your upgrade is the purchase of a new product.  You may certainly pass along your old iPhone to a friend or visit where you may be able to trade your gently used iPhone for a Best Buy® Gift Card!

How can I pay for the iPhone?
As with any other purchase at Best Buy®, you may use your Best Buy® Card, Reward Zone MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, cash, check, or Best Buy® Gift Card.

Does the iPhone have a camera?

The iPhone does have a camera, but it does not feature zoom and cannot record video.  Photos can be shared via email, but not through texting.
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