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iPhone 7 issues still. Hardware or software?

Took it to Apple store. Said failing mic, failing speaker, failing vibrate, failing home button. $350. I haven’t fixed it yet but it all randomly started working earlier today then stopped. I truly do not believe this is a hardware issue because why else would it begin working again? I honestly know very little but it’s super frustrating. I also should note that when none of it’s working, I can’t watch videos at all because it glitches, and sound doesn’t come out unless w Bluetooth or headphones.

If it is a software issue, what could I do to fix it? If it’s a hardware issue, why does it working sometimes?

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Re: iPhone 7 issues still. Hardware or software?

It is a drastic measure but you could try resetting your phone. It should set it to factory mode.


Go out and look for updates to your iOS first however.


Check to see how much available space you have. If it is low get rid of things.


Also, if you have not restarted your phone in awhile give that a shot.

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