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iOS 14.6 Problems

I am on 12 mini with stable iOS 14.6 facing many problems

  1. Widgets sometimes disappear from homescreen

  2. App crashes in apple music

  3. Message app lockdown

  4. Keypad typing sound sometimes low sometimes high

  5. Reduced battery life as compared to 14.5

  6. Occasional UI glitches in first party apps.

  7. Bluetooth connectivity issue with AirPods. Sometimes automatically disconnects

Feels like i am using a beta version. Should I upgrade to iOS 14.7 beta version?

How’s your experience so far ???

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Re: iOS 14.6 Problems

Personally I would go back to an older version if at all possible.


We have a lot of iPhones and iPads at my work.  Our IT deptment disables automatic updates on company phones and they tell us not to update until they have verified it is bug free.  


14.6 was released May 24. If you added it before than you may have Beta.  14.7 is in Beta. 


As an aside, our IT department has not told us we can go ahead and update to 14.6 yet.

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