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glass screenshield installation oops?

so I bought a pack of illumishield tempered screen shields for my samsung galaxy j3 emerge, they're for the J3 luna(its got the EXACT same design as the emerge) and flubbed the first installation attempt, flexed it a bit too much and it cracked.

second attempt went perfect..other than a pair of flecks of dust, close enough to the edge of the screen bezel that I dont care to lift the entire protector and attempt to 'dust abate' with tape.

the problem here, is along the left edge..there is a strip about half the width of a pencil lead, where the protector refuses to adhere to the screen of my phone.


I mean..I can use it as is, but I am rather concerned all the same.

is this normal for most glass screenshields or did I just happen to luck into a bad batch?

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Re: glass screenshield installation oops?

Hi xraiderv17,


Thanks for reaching out to us on this, and for purchasing these screen protectors from Best Buy. I've never installed one of these myself so it's hard for me to say if this is normal or not. I've always paid my Best Buy to install the screen protectors for me, and every single time they come out perfect. I would suggest going to your local Best Buy store and have a mobile associate look at your screen protector to see if it is defective or merely installed incorrectly. If they do believe the unit is defective they could possibly get you a new one. I would suggest having your local Best Buy store install these in the future.



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