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dropped iphone 6s in water, what to do now?

I accidentally dropped my iphone 6s in water earlier today. I quickly wiped it down and it still worked. I didn't think anything was wrong so I just left it and even charged it; after reading other websites I've realized that that wasn't the best move. Now when I tried to charge it again, it won't charge. Also, when I use my headphones the audio is fine, but the speakers no longer work. I've already set up an in-store appointment but it's not for a couple days and I'm worried since it won't charge and therefore won't turn on anymore. I'd like to know what I should do to prevent further damage, if it's fixable, and about how much something like this would cost. Thank you in advance.

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Re: dropped iphone 6s in water, what to do now?

Unfortunately trying to see if it still works is one of the worst things you can do.  The other is plugging it in and trying to charge it.


I am not  an electronics expert but chances are you fried some circuits when you did do.


My procedure for taking care of phones that got in water is to first take out the battery if you can.  Put cover back on and bury it in rice over night.  

then I put it in my food dehydrator and run it at a low temperature for another 12 hours. 


 I have done this twice with good results. 

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Re: dropped iphone 6s in water, what to do now?

My husband accidentally spilled some water on his iPhone 11 Pro and when I went to retrieve his phone, the screen said water detected, charging port disabled. I'm not sure the iPhone 6s has this. You may be better off getting an iPhone SE 2nd generation as a replacement as water damage and labor costs can quickly add up.

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