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Z Flip 3 5G Samsung Retail Mode

Hello, I work for a consumer electronics wholesale company and we received a device that was stuck in retail mode with the app Samsung Retail Mode on it. I have heard that the password blue should work to disable this app, but that was not the case with this phone. Is there any other passwords I could try?

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Re: Z Flip 3 5G Samsung Retail Mode

Hello, mettech,


Thanks for reaching out. I can understand receiving a device that can't be used properly wouldn't be ideal. 


If such a code to remove the retail mode app, that is not something that I would have. If the device was purchased from one of our retail stores or from, you could bring the device into one of our stores, and they should be able to provide options to get this fixed. If it was purchased elsewhere, I'd need to recommend that you reach out to where ever the phone was purchased to see if they can assist with this. 




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