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Would it be great if manufacturers adopted the 'Aroma Installer'-esque approach for their ROMs?

I know this is a long shot but IMO that'd be a great option. Just let us pick the stuff we want when we begin setting up the phone. I remember ASUS doing something like this for the Zenfone 6 ( Zen UI and almost Stock Android) but it doesn't even have to be two different ROMs, just apps/services we'd like to install.

I know Samsung would never do this, but looking at my S10+, there's many Samsung's services I've never even touched since I bought the phone (for example Dex, Samsung Internet, Bixby, VR, S Health, Samsung Pass etc.) I know by doing this Samsung can't keep us in their ecosystem and some of the apps are tightly baked into the OS itself, but uncoupling them and making them available as add-ons would be great. I guess this would tempt even more people to try Samsung phones who still think they have lots of bloat.

Same goes for other manufacturers as well. People who love the services can have them enabled and people who doesn't prefer them doesn't have to be forced to have them installed on their phones. Best of both worlds.

This just makes me miss the old Aroma Installer days where I used to pick the Gapps I needed, fonts and even additional add-ons like Viper4Android, Adaway, Kernel Manager etc.

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Re: Would it be great if manufacturers adopted the 'Aroma Installer'-esque approach for their ROMs?

I believe some of the junk apps pre-loaded onto phones is in part a paid thing by the developers of the apps.


What your writing I think goes even MORE true for computers.   There is so much preloaded junk on a computer or phone that automaically starts up when you power on. 


These things really drag down the performance of your device.  My Google Pixel 2 came as a minimalist.  Ganted, it was pre-loaded with most of the Google developed Apps, welll it is a Google Phone.  My Samsung that I replaced was over loaded when I got it. 


I spent a decent amount of time going through and either disabling or uninstalling everything I didn't want or need and my performance shot right up.



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