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Wireless charging woes on iPhone 8

A couple of nights ago, my 8 stopped charging on my bedside wireless charger. It’s a combination iPhone/Apple Watch charger and the watch portion is still working which leads me to believe that the entire device is working.

Is there anything in particular that would cause my iPhone 8 to stop wirelessly charging? I haven’t added a new case, updated the firmware, dropped the phone or had any real change at all. It just stopped doing it’s wireless charge thing.

Is there a known way to fix this?

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Re: Wireless charging woes on iPhone 8

Hey sovike77,


I am not aware of any reasons as to why just the iPhone portion of the charger would stop charging, but to be honest, this is a good question as I have just purchased one. Does anyone else have any thoughts here as to why it may not be charging and if there is a fix for it?



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Re: Wireless charging woes on iPhone 8

The only thing I could think of that would stop wireless charging is if you have a magnetic holder for your phone in your car  and there is a metal plate in beween the charge base and the phone itself. 


Will the phone charge if you use a cord and plug it in.


if not, then your battery could be on the decline

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