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Why is T-Mobile so Hard to Find!

I have recently switched T-Mobile and love the service but it is not very prominent in your stores or even on your website!  What gives!??! I have a lot of friends and family that have switched to them and it seems like its not given its time of day by your team. 

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Re: Why is T-Mobile so Hard to Find!

Stock and selection can very from store to store and sometimes they do have inventory in their stock drawers but don't usually put out all the quantity of the inventory until something runs out. I found out about this with Virgin Mobile at my local store that they had more phones in the drawer, but did not have it out on the store floor. Perhaps an email to the manager may change this behavior and they will stock the phones more prominently in the store. Best to go to and check to see if a T-Mobile phone one wants to purchase is in stock, if it is, order it for in store pickup, and then you go straight to the mobile desk to pickup your purchase and then they can help you setup the various plans associated with your device.

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Re: Why is T-Mobile so Hard to Find!



Unfortunately Best Buy no longer carries T-Mobile post-paid devices. We still, however, carry T-Mobile Prepaid devices.




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