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Upgrading phone

My phone currently has an upgrade and I'm planning on going into Best Buy and upgrading to a 6, but my question is do I have to have my dad, or the person that pays the bill is the "head of the account" with? Or can I come in with my current phone and money and upgrade if I know the account info?
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Re: Upgrading phone

You will need to have the person who's name is on the account come in with you.

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Re: Upgrading phone

It depends on your carrier. Depending on who you're with (Verizon, AT&T), the account holder can make you an Authorized User/Account Manager. It's basically like a power of attorney, you're able to make changes to the account because the account holder said its okay for you to do so.


When upgrading, please make sure to have the phone number you wish to upgrade, billing ZIP code, last 4 of the Primary Account Holder's SSN #, and account password, if applicable.

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